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Treatment for Neck Pain April 5, 2013

Neck Pain Treatments at (*insert name here)

As a result of poor posture and countless hours spent in front of a computer screen everyday, eyestrain and neck pain have become two of the most frequent complaints from the current generation. Although the ailments can affect anyone who fits the repetitive motion description, the common source of new complaints has arisen from the age fifty and up category.

Other than the computer monitor and desk chairs that cause slouched posture and a bent down head, the stiffness in the neck can be caused by many other activities as well. Excessive sitting or driving, repetitive lifting, frequently carrying heavy packages and even sleeping patterns and positions can cause cramping or stiffness in the neck and other regions.

What separates us from our competitors?

The team of professionals at (*insert name here) are specifically trained in the expert treatment of neck pain and similar painful conditions. Even before a treatment plan is proposed, they have thoroughly evaluated the entire spine and surrounding regions. They believe that covering more than simply the area of complaint is required to have a full understanding of the problem as well as the ability to recommend an effective treatment and pain management strategy. In most cases, the staff will also provide tips and advice about overall healthy lifestyle options that can reduce stress and aid in better exercise and nutrition choices.


The first step to a proper diagnosis is to explore the painful areas and identify any restriction to the range of motion. The next step is to observe and test the general posture, walking patterns and spinal alignment. This helps the staff better understand the dynamics and skeletal movements. There is also a portion of the examination that includes a thorough review of the complete medical history, which often helps the practitioner find the foundational causes of the pain or condition. In some cases, additional testing such as MRI or X-ray images are necessary to fully diagnose a patient or problem area.

Treating Neck Pain – How We Can Help:

In treating neck pain, we have found that a multi-layered approach usually yields them most productive pain relief and lasting effects. A treatment plan may include standard occupational or physical therapy, spinal manipulation and several other chiropractic techniques may be implemented.

The most frequent practice of spinal manipulation may include the use of an external apparatus that assists the chiropractor perform the technique with the utmost precision. This method is similar to the specific spinal manipulation. The flexion distraction technique is also fairly widely used among professionals in the industry who specialize in treating neck pain.

Our philosophy is that the manual therapy techniques are highly efficient ways to achieve and maintain pain relief among the largest population of patients. Another manual method that we frequently utilize is joint stretching and resistance therapies which may include the use of external instruments to induce soft tissue or trigger point therapies.

Primarily, these methods are especially useful to relax the tension among muscles groups. This not only reduces the pain, but also other symptoms as well. Again, the overall goal with these techniques is not only to manage pain, but to produce better posture and body mechanics that will increase the quality of life for our patients.

Our experienced staff isdedicated to treating these and other common neck conditions:

  • Cervical sprain injuries
  • Cervical in-vertebral disc injuries
  • Degenerative joint syndrome
  • Facet joint sprain

If you are experiencing acute or chronic neck pain and seeking a comprehensive and successful treatment, please consider contacting us today. Our expert team will assist you with scheduling a consultation with an expert who can evaluate your situation and devise a personalized treatment plan. Our goal is to satisfy our patients!

Treatments for Sciatica

Finding the Best Treatments for Sciatica
Sciatica has caused severe pain and tremendous discomfort in people of all ages and levels of personal fitness. This disease affects the largest nerve mass in the body. The sciatic nerve runs from the back all the way down the back of the legs to the ankle area and can cause extreme discomfort when misaligned, compressed or otherwise malfunctioning. The symptoms are often debilitating and render otherwise healthy individuals immobile and unable to complete ordinary tasks such as light housekeeping, working or even personal hygiene routines. Because the disease is degenerative and can be debilitating, finding a lasting cure for the condition is a priority in the medical field.

(*insert name or location here) Chiropractic Treatment

Unfortunately, there are many people suffering with sciatica who do not actively seek treatment because they are convinced that since medication and yoga have not been effective, there must be no hope for relief. Of course, there is hope available and help is actually closer than most people even realize. (*insert name here) Chiropractic staff is committed to helping patients find viable pain relief and improved quality of life, despite their condition.
Some of the home remedies and therapies that people have tried on their own are simply ineffective because they are either incomplete or inconsistent. The best way to achieve effective relief is through the administration of proven techniques by a professional in the field. In fact, chiropractic treatment is one of the best known remedies for Sciatica that does not involve invasive techniques or strong medications with potentially harmful side effects. Used in conjunction with other treatment methods such as diet and exercise, massage therapy and lifestyle modification, chiropractic treatment is highly effectual for permanent pain relief.

(*insert name here) uses a combination of treatment methods and lifestyle enhancements for patients suffering with Sciatica. A thorough treatment plan is developed after a complete review of the case, history and symptoms has been completed. The expert chiropractic staff is trained to fully listen and observe before attempting to reach a solution. This has served countless patients well and has led to a highly effective practice in the treatment of many ailments.

Sciatic Treatments at (*insert name) May Include SeveralDifferent Methods:

  • Adjustments – These manual spinal adjustmentshelp properly align the skeletal system and provide relief to the body. Experienced chiropractors can achieve the techniques necessary to correct alignment of the backbone.
  • Massage – Massaging the affected area relaxes the muscle groups and supplementsother Sciatica treatments. A professional chiropractor will help to bring about a proper muscle balance, which may help reduce or prevent Sciatica symptoms and recurrence.
  • Targeted Exercises – To ensure that the back pain does not repeated plague a patient, it is important to learn a few specific exercises from the chiropractor that will strengthen the backbone and nerves to increase overall flexibility. These exercises can be done at home or in the office, according to convenience and the onset of pain.
  • Traction – This is a relatively slow process that uses an external device to help relieve compression of the backbone, which may have led to neck pain and/or headaches.

Professional chiropractic doctors can helppatients suffering from Sciatica find a permanent solution to their back problem and provide relief through a number of different methods. It is important to select an expertand knowledgeable chiropractor to receive the best results. Likewise, it is equally important to talk abouttreatment options and even research online reviews regarding a specific chiropractic office and the treatments they provide.


Back Pain Management

(*insert name or location here)

Due to the strenuous activities, and even the sedentary lifestyles today, people are experiencing a greater amount of back pain. This condition is further aggravated by age and obesity. Other well-known causes include a specific injury to the bones, ligaments, muscles or nerves within the area. Lesser known causes include injury or other physical impairment affecting the abdomen, chest, pelvis or other area of the body that cause pain to rest within the back.

Ironically, finding the underlying cause and an effective treatment can be as much of a mystery for the doctor as a pain for the patient. There are a variety of chiropractic treatment methods, up to and including surgery that can be implemented for back pain based on the specific needs of an individual. Many people are turning to such chiropractic treatments because they focus on the root cause and are willing to try alternatives to surgery for pain management.
Some common issues that are frequently treated at the (*insert name and location here) include:

  • Headaches
  • Joint movement and flexibility
  • Joint pain in the arms and legs
  • Mid and lower back pain

Our most important goal is to help our patients achieve a better quality of life, a healthy lifestyle and lasting pain management. We also understand the importance of providing thorough relaxation techniques and fast pain relief for patients who are suffering from severely painful issues.

What You Can Expect From Our Expert Chiropractors:

Unlike pain medication that treats only the symptoms of pain, we are devoted to flushing out the underlying causes of the problem and finding a treatment plan that works for a specific condition. After a complete comprehensive examination and diagnosis, the expert staff will prepare a report of findings and develop a back pain management treatment plan tailored for the individual.

When the patient is ready to begin treatment, the usual first step includes spinal or manual manipulation of the body, focusing on many areas other than just where the pain is occurring. This technique includes the application of slight pressure to the abnormal vertebrae in order to have the spine realigned. There is usually a noticeable relief of nervous irritability and an immediate improvement of functionality and ease of motion. One of the main goals of this method is to increase flexibility and allow the patient to become mobile without painful side effects.

Most patients find a sustained relief using the mobilization technique for their back pain management. Generally, the technique includes a gentle moving and stretching of the affected joints and muscle groups where the pain is occurring most frequently. Over time, the body responds to the exercises and the flow of movement becomes much more fluid for the patient.

Sometimes, the treatment plan for an individual may include external methods of manipulation or equipment in order to produce the most efficient results. These may include electrical stimulation, ultrasound and traction, which are all proven methods of reducing back pain and corresponding inflammation of the area.

Recommended Exercises For Back Pain Management:

The (*insert name here) chiropractors offer a full line of healthcare services to treat and relieve patients who are experiencing a variety of aches and pains. Additionally, we educate our clients on proper techniques for stretching and recommend specific exercises that will enhance cardiovascular health. Coupled with regular strength training, these methods have been very effective to overall healthy lifestyles and sustained relief from painful symptoms.

Like the rest of the treatment plan, exercises are assigned on an individual basis so that each patient is able to achieve the lasting results and fastest relief based on their condition and current state of health. Strengthening weak muscles and reaching overall healthy muscle balance has been effective for most patients who suffer from various aches and pains related to tension or inactivity.

One unusual problem has caused an undue amount of pain and stress for patients due to a lack of understanding. But, we have seen this often enough and can effectively combat inferior arch support by stabilizing the pelvis. For patients who have one leg that is noticeably shorter than the other, we offer a non-invasive heel lift that can be worn securely inside the shoe. This not only improves posture, but takes the unnecessary pressure off the back, hips and stronger side of the body. We can also make recommendations on any other lifestyle modifications that may facilitate the healing process.

Please contact us today to learn more about these and other proven methods of back pain management that do not require surgery to find relief.


Herniated Disc Treatment

hiropractic Treatments for Spinal Disc Herniation

Quite often spinal disc hernias will correct themselves if the back is well taken care of after the injury. Seeking treatment from a chiropractor will help to alleviate any pain associated with a herniated disc. At AspenRainHighlands Ranch chiropractic clinic we can offer relief for your herniated disc with:

  • Manual spine adjustments
  • Lumbar stretching
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Targeted spine exercise

What is a herniated disc?

A herniated disc is often caused by excessive movement in the spine that comes from repeated motions like lifting, bending or stretching. When the spine is over-extended during these types of movement it may cause a tear in the outer ring of one or more vertebrae. When this happens, the soft center of the these vertebrae can extend beyond the outer ring causing pain in the lower back and sometimes in the lower limbs of the body.

Can a chiropractor help a herniated disc?

Usually if a herniated disc is followed up on shortly after the injury a chiropractor can help a great deal in the healing process. Ultimately it depends on the severity of the injury whether or not surgery or medication will be necessary to fix the herniation. There are ways in which a chiropractor can help ease the pain caused from the herniated disc.

Can a person have a herniated disc in their upper back?

Thoracic (upper back) discs are very stable and having one of them herniate is very rare. If there is a herniated disc in this part of the back quite often it will correct itself without any intervention. If there is any residual pain from a thoracic herniation then the help of a chiropractor would help to alleviate that pain.